10 reason

To Join Our Real Estate World

  1. Reason One :

    Client Coordinators

    Our in house client coordinators work 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm. They answer calls, field emails, return texts and keep in touch with your clients. They assist servicing our clients, so our agents can focus on new business. Client coordinators are integrated with our back of house customer management software so agents and client coordinators are on the same page, keeping in touch with long term clients, and or having assigned tasks to check with our agents client(s) periodically.

  2. Reason TWO :

    Closing Coordinator

    One of our most unique assets, our in house licensed closing coordinator works in tandem with the agent and transaction coordinator to be more of a physical assistant throughout an escrow. Closing coordinators go to inspections, final walk through, and key exchanges, and so much more!

  3. Reason three :

    Transaction Coordinators

    Our In house Transaction Coordinators are the best in the business, and have been fielded from hundreds of possible TC’s. CAR certified, they will know the latest and most important aspects of your file.

  4. Reason four :

    Deal Room

    Recloud Deal Room is our own developed web based transaction management software. Deal room is incredible, because it’s a simplified check list and document uploader to keep everyone in your transaction unified and on a clear understanding of your escrow. It has automatic reminders, task completions, note catching and all the details of your transaction you could ever want! Though one day, other brokerages might license our deal room platform, for now It’s only available for our agency and free for all in house agents and staff!

  5. Reason five :

    Tour Reports

    Tour reports is our own developed web based analytic engine and client notification system. Whenever we have an intake of a new customer and or need to process a tour request, tour reports automatically captures all of the data and creates an automated email to all parties.

  6. Reason six :

    CRM System

    Our agency thrives on a collaborated customer relationship management software. This software is plugged into our agency to share information between client coordinators, the broker and of course the agents. It tracks all emails, calls, notifications, sharing them seamlessly.

  7. Reason seven :

    No Desk Fees

    Our brokerage is family and if you’re in, we don’t pass you a number and send you a bill. Instead, we invest in you and build your business up together. Our true intention is making you successful, so in turn, we as an agency are too! Culture is important to us, and we want to know what’s important to you.

  8. Reason eight :

    Weekly Strategy Meetings

    Working 1 on 1 with your broker is a true asset. This is private mentoring, not lecturing. Some agents meet once or twice a week, while others more seldom, it’s really up to you. Our agency wants all of our agents to be driven, focused and alert. Real Estate is self-propelling, dont wait to join.

  9. Reason nine :

    Great Commission Splits

    Let's face it, most agent's first line item when selecting a brokerage is the commission split, as it should be. We offer very competitive and streamlined splits with gains on each deal you close. You also receive office and private desk privileges as this is your business and it's serious,

  10. Reason ten :


    >It's early and we are growing. We are successful by treating people and agents the way we would want to be treated, rocket science, obviously! With both advancements in technology and the traditional brokerage model, we see tremendous room for growth in our national brand Tourvia. We offer stock options, early adoption splits and other wonderful gains for being at the right place at the right time, well, hopefully !


Your Sucess

The Alavi Agency
International Real Estate consultant

Chayan Alavi

Chayan Abraham Alavi

President & Founder

As a Real Estate Technology Consultant, Chayan Alavi has extensive experience in Real Estate industry standards of practice. His professional experience stems from broker-owner of an independent real estate brokerage, founder of a Silicon Valley funded Real Estate technology corporation, team lead manager for Redfin, Inc., administrator of a non-profit real estate bonded program known as California Cities Home Ownership Authority (C.C.H.O.A.), (C.C.H.O.A.2) as well as experience with the nation's number one investment brokerages Marcus and Millichap. His evaluation perspectives are but certainly not limited to, key performance indicators, political reflectors, industry practices, real estate operations, and technological pathways for emerging and expanding real estate ventures. This unique exposure has bred to light the ability to gain competitive edges in the wild wild west of the real estate technological revolution. As a consultant, he often monitors and interacts with client accounting, capital markets, portfolio/fund managers, asset managers, senior management groups, IPO offerings and A or B rounds of venture capital discovery meetings. High profile clients include but not limited to Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, Sequoia Capital and International investment firms.

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With Tourvia Real Estate, you have the advantages of being in business for yourself, without the feeling of operating alone, in the ever-evolving world of real estate.
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We understand the delicate process of your home journey. Chayan Alavi founded Tourvia with the intention and direction of removing the sales pitch from Real Estate.